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Selectia Education is one of the most experienced and reliable student consultancy firms to guide you for your higher education.

Why you will choose us


Our insight into the job market can help you reach your highest potential as we can narrow down some of the best educational institutions based on your choice of study. We have successfully helped hundreds of students get into some of the most prestigious institutions for their higher education.


Our team of counselors come from various walks of life and have struggled like any other student when it comes to choosing where to study and what to study. Therefore, the experience accumulated over the years gives us the ability to understand your specific educational and career needs.


More than hundreds of students have benefited from our team’s support in gaining admission to their dream colleges and universities.


We have a diverse team working relentlessly around the world to meet the expectations of our students and partners. Our experts can guide you to your dream university regardless of your age, culture or nationality.


We provide up to date and accurate information to our students for their admission process. Being ethical in our practice is one of the most important company policies.


We understand the struggles faced by students when it comes to choosing where to study and what to study. Our dedicated team provides a blend of personal and professional advice based on accurate and current data of the job markets which is personalized for every single student.

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